Community Hub Inc (CHI) is a not-for-profit, volunteer-based organisation that is managed by its members, comprising community representatives and key stakeholders.

CHI recognises the importance of lifelong learning for all and how this impacts on equality. In order that community members can meaningfully participate in a community context, CHI is committed to creating learning experiences that meet community and individual needs for knowledge and skill development.

Community Hub Inc aims to empower individuals so that they can:

  • advocate for improvements to the availability and accessibility of government and community services
  • have a say in decision-making processes
  • develop and access opportunities for participation in life-long learning. pathways to employment, healthy lifestyles and community activities
  • contribute to the development of accessible, sustainable, safe and supportive environments and community facilities
  • develop and access economic opportunities
  • facilitate and participate in community programs and special events.

CHI's MISSION is to build an inclusive, connected and informed community, through the creation of opportunities for learning, public participation and diverse partnerships.