Colac Neighbourhood Hub  – A place to connect, learn and live well!

The Colac Otway community now has a new way to connect with others, participate in learning and to access services for living well.

The Colac Neighbourhood Hub, which was launched late last year, brings together the services and facilities of the Colac Neighbourhood House, Community Hub Inc. and the Youth Health Hub. The three entities which have been operating in facilities located next to each other, have worked together to form a precinct which creates a shared space for the community and which better connects the programs, services and activities that they each offer.

“The Colac Neighbourhood Hub is a place where the community can connect with one another and participate in social activities, lifelong learning and services and programs that support health and well-being” said Tamara Stewart from Community Hub Inc. “It is a place where we support people to connect, learn and live well”.

The Colac Neighbourhood Hub was formed after each of the organisations identified that there was some confusion within the community about what they each offer and about where and how to access services.

“The Colac Neighbourhood Hub will make things simpler and will mean that an individual can come into any of the three organisations and be given the information that they need to access the programs and services that are available right across the Hub” Tamara Stewart from Community Hub Inc.

As well as providing more connected services, the Neighbourhood Hub will run regular community events and provide access to a range of free and affordable facilities including meetings spaces, training rooms, internet access and computers, cooking facilities and garden plots.

Some of the many opportunities that can be accessed through the Neighbourhood hub include; youth services with access to doctors, nurses, psychologists and a range of support programs, community learning courses including beginner computer classes, household budgeting and preparation for employment and study. The Neighbourhood Hub also provides a great place to connect socially within the community and offers, walking groups, volunteering opportunities, support groups, music, arts and theatre groups as well as a space to just call in for a cuppa and a chat.
The Colac Neighbourhood Hub is a partnership between Colac Area Health, Community Hub Inc., Colac Neighbourhood House and Youth Health Hub.