Community Hub Inc (CHI) is an established organisation with resources available to facilitate auspicing. CHI has strong ties to the local community and shares your interest in projects and initiatives that benefit the community.

This means that Community Hub Inc as an auspice organisation will receive the grant on behalf of your group and takes on responsibility for making sure the project is completed and the money is accounted for (acquitted).

How to initiate an auspice arrangement with Community Hub Inc

  1. Write up a brief description about what you want to do, where you are hoping to get the funds from, and how much funding you are seeking
  2. Speak to us about what you want to do (Phone 03 5231 2822 or Contact Us).
  3. Ask about our auspice requirements.
  4. Meet with your own group to decide if the arrangement would suit your group. If so, ask to make a formal request of the Community Hub Inc Board of Management.
  5. Write up what you want to do and present this to the Community Hub Inc Board of Management. Provide as much detail as you can.
  6. If the Board of Management makes the decision to support your group, then a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be developed.
  7. The MOU will include details about:
  • the principles underpinning the agreement
  • details about the parties to the agreement
  • decision-making and communication procedure
  • how the project will be planned, implemented, managed and monitored
  • how the Community Hub Inc Board of Management will receive and sign off on reports about the progress of the activity
  • financial management and financial decision-making
  • insurance arrangements
  • timeline (life of the agreement)
  • the expected outcome
  • a grievance procedure
  • a mechanism to end the agreement
  • Fees that apply

A service fee for auspicing a grant will be negotiated at the outset of the project. The fee will depend on the services that Community Hub Inc will be providing to the auspice and will be set by the Board of Management.

Legal advice

More detailed information about auspicing is available from Not-for-profit Law (formerly PILCH), a specialist legal service for community organisations.