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This web site is owned and operated by the Community Hub Incorporated (Community Hub). The words "we", "us" and "our" refer to the Community Hub Incorporated and the words "you" and "your" refer to the person using this website. By entering the website you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions.  If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you should refrain from using this web site.

Community Hub copyright notice

The information (including text, images, logos, diagrams and photographs) and its arrangement, layout and display on this website (the "Works") are protected by copyright, trade mark and other forms of intellectual property rights.

Copyright, trade mark and other intellectual property rights in the Works are owned or licensed by us.

You may reproduce any Works for personal or non-commercial use provided that you:

  • identify the source of the information
  • do not represent the reproduced information as being an official version of the information
  • do not produce the information in a misleading manner.

You are not permitted to copy, publish, communicate to the public or make an adaptation of the Works except:

  • to the extent expressly permitted by these terms or otherwise permitted by law, or
  • with our express prior written permission.

We make every reasonable effort to ensure that permission has been obtained for information (including text, images, logos, diagrams and photographs) to appear on this web site. If you have legal rights in any information appearing on this web site and you believe that those rights have been infringed by this website please Contact Us immediately.

This copyright notice does not apply to any third party web pages, documents or publications.

Community Hub Web Linking Policy

Community Hub provides access to information in a range of ways, such as through the information provided on the Community Hub web site.  To enhance this information and to make information that is sourced from elsewhere available to our stakeholders, we provide links to other web sites.  We also allow other organisations to link to the Community Hub web site.

Links to the Community Hub web site
Community Hub welcomes links from your web site to the Community Hub web site.  If you plan to create a link, please follow these guidelines:

  • Links to the Community Hub’s website should preferably be to the home page or other high level page.  Linking to other pages may pose some risk as the page to which you link may move or become unavailable
  • The correct name for the site is Community Hub Inc
  • The Community Hub logo is subject to copyright and is a trade mark, therefore it may only be used with permission from the Community Hub.  It cannot be used for web linking purposes (see our Copyright notice) 
  • The Community Hub website should be opened in a new window and not within a frame of your own branding
  • You must not use the link to provide or in any way imply endorsement by the Community Hub of your organisation, services or products, and
  • You must not pass off content from our site as your own.  This includes copying or re-using parts of the site (see our Copyright notice).

Links from the Community Hub web site
Under some circumstances we will link to other web sites.  Links are generally restricted to the following sites:

  • Government (Local, State and Federal)
  • Key International, Australian and Victorian like industry and professional organisations, and
  • Australian and Victorian community, not-for-profit, and advocacy organisations.

The Community Hub reserves the right to determine the placement of any listing and to include, exclude or withdraw a web site link at its discretion. We will not participate in link exchange arrangements with third party web sites. The Community Hub does not accept responsibility or liability for any loss, damage, cost or expense that might occur as a result of the use or reliance upon materials which appear at the linked sites (see our Disclaimer).


The information on this web site is general in nature and cannot be relied upon as legal advice.  Persons should obtain their own copy of any relevant legislation and seek independent advice if they believe that they may be affected by the legislation.

Community Hub disclaims any liability for any loss or damage, including for negligence, to any person in respect of:
(a) any act or omission to act, or
(b) any consequences of any act or omission to act   
by any such person who acts in whole or partial reliance upon the information on this web site.


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